Hi, I’m Kelly

your Virtual assistant

My Services

All Things Social Media

Helping create, build and maintain your social media presence. Whether your business needs built up from scratch or you already have a following online, I’m here to help take the pressure off keeping your pages active.

Blog! Blog! Blog!

For the love of all things blogging. I can help you write, proofread or re-purpose old content for your website and can turn my hand to most subjects. I love to inject personality and flair into articles so if you’re looking for someone to make informative but fun posts, look no further.

WordPress Website Design

Looking to build the perfect website to match your business? I can create a website that compliments your business and uses your specific branding to attract customers using WordPress. 


The Admin Stuff

Everything from email management, basic bookkeeping, data entry, website editing and everything in between. Let me take over these more repetitive tasks so you can free up more time in your day to actually enjoy your business. No matter how long your To Do list gets, I can help get it under control.



Whether it’s turning a podcast into a blog post or taking a Facebook Live video and making a mini-workshop, turning audio files into readable text files is a time-consuming task. That’s why I want to help take that daunting task off your hands so you can get back to creating.


Need some research completed for an upcoming project? I’m here to help! Spending tedious hours researching isn’t anyone’s idea of fun so why not let me do the hard work and report back with all the information that you need to get on with doing the actual fun part of your project.


My name is Kelly and I am a Virtual Assistant with 7+ years experience in the administration field.  I am passionate about working with like-minded clients who are not only confident in reaching their goals but smashing them entirely!

I am very challenge driven and an extremely resourceful person. And have picked up an eagle’s eye for detail and live and breathe organizational practices. I am never afraid of a task and always ready with a creative flair.

Whether it’s keeping your email folder clear of junk or answering all those questions about your new product on social media, I’m here to keep your admin blues at bay.